Six Steps To A Strong School Culture:

A Leadership Cycle for Educational Success 

Students are our future—but what if our current methods of instructional leadership are jeopardizing that future?

When students struggle, frustrated teachers tend to assign more homework or extra exam prep to improve grades, but this type of traditional instruction fails to ensure high performance. When teachers struggle, frustrated administrators tend to focus on technical solutions to adaptive problems, but this type of leadership fails to produce quality teachers.

In a world of constant new initiatives and expensive “teach the teachers” courses, educators need to do more to effectively facilitate real connection that inspires learning for their students and results in lasting change for their classrooms.

In Six Steps To A Strong School Culture, Chief of Schools Dr. Samuel Nix shares a new way of thinking for leaders that will positively impact student achievement and transform your school. A practical approach to comprehensive educational reform, this six-step process will empower your learners, teachers, and yourself to facilitate more successful learning environments.

Challenge the traditional approach to educational leadership! Get Six Steps To A Strong School Culture and transform your teachers into effective facilitators of successful learners.

You’ll Discover:


The Leadership Cycle

A research-based process to create sustainable learning and teaching success.


How to promote a growth mindset

And awareness of adaptive challenges to motivate your classroom.


Seven principles of strategic planning

That aid in setting meaningful priorities, monitoring them, and navigating them with flexibility.


Positive measurement strategies

To assess impact, reinforce progress, and provide effective feedback.


How to create a culture of accountability

For students, faculty, and administration that encourages problem-solving and ensures clear expectations.

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